The Avalon Community Rink at John Lake Park

The Rink at John Lake Park is officially OPEN!! 🏒🥅

Please ensure you are being respectful of the ice and other skaters and everyone is wearing helmets. 👍

A few notes:

We always appreciate it if everyone can assist with shoveling the rink of snow and ice to keep the rink clean: when a couple people shovel it goes quickly.
Public skating hours will begin December 15th, 2019. Unless the temperature is above 0 or below -25 with the windchill, public skate times will happen on:
Mondays & Wednesdays: 6-8 pm
Sundays: 1-3 pm
The boot room will be open during these times so there is a warm place to put on your skates. Skate aids are available to help out new/beginner skaters during public skate times.
Please be respectful of other skaters and the ice! The ACA assumes no responsibility/liability for lost items, accidents or other incidents that occur on the rink.