Instructor Bios & Class Descriptions

Instructor: Angela Atchtemichuk

Angela has been chasing down grocery store aisles since she was 5 years old in her parent’s small-town grocery store! Her passion for dance continued throughout her childhood as she danced recreationally and competitively and into adulthood when she continued to dance, perform and teach.  Angela owned a Dance Studio in Martensville for 5 years called The Joyous Dance.  She has been instructing kids dance for the past 7 years and Zumba for 5. 

She loves to choreograph and help kids discover their own innate ability to create too by incorporating fun dance and movement games into her kids classes. J The emphasis on both her adult and kids classes is NOT on technique or perfection but always FUN and the JOY of expressing your own unique self through movement!

Class: Fortnite Dance

Do your kids have fun playing the video game Fortnite?  Get them excited about exercise and dancing with this dance class!  This class is for kids ages 8-11.  They will learn different dances straight from the video game with the music and Emojii moves!

Class will also include movement and dance games designed to connect with the other kids in the class and have fun exploring their own creativity!  Best part is class will be OUTSIDE.  If your kids are looking for something fun and different and to try something new this could be the class for them. J Looking forward to instructing this class!

Class: Zumba-Fitness

Zumba is a FUN latin dance-fitness class for people of all levels and abilities J Class will include a warm up, a mixture of Latin dances including Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia and Merengue and music and will incorporate some Jazzy Hip Hop moves as well as popular music from various genres and era’s.  Class will end with a couple slower songs/a cool down. The emphasis is always on fun in this class, not taking ourselves too seriously and the JOY that comes from moving your body through dance.  If this is something you’d like to give a try, I will encourage you to come out and have some fun!

Instructor: Logan Leblanc

Logan (Yogi Logi) is a dad, a school teacher, and a forever student of yoga on a journey to inspire more joy, unity, and power into the hearts of the communities.  His class is a warm, welcoming space accessible to all ages and abilities with a balance between stillness/motion, sound/silence, and seriousness/silliness.  Yogi Logi has been guiding K-12 students through time and space with breath, movement, laughter, and play with VYFY since 2017. He has created some kids empowerment programming (Inner Ninja class) with a focus on emotional intelligence, self-regulation and inner confidence that was offered in 2019.  Between 2017-2019, Logan completed four certificates with Mindful Schools Organization: Mindfulness Fundamentals, Mindful Educator Essentials, Difficult Emotions, and Mindful Communication. He also has experience with all ages as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Class: Kids and Adult Yoga

Logan can cater a class to the needs of the students. The adult classes will be similar to the kids classes with less child-like playfulness. However, most adults need to nurture their inner child as well so depending on the group, there may be some playfulness mixed in with the seriousness. Classes can range from being restorative (slow, longer holds in poses) to being energizing (strength building, faster moving). 

Class: Kids Fitness

This is a 45 minute movement class for ages 9-11.  It is designed to get moving and to create body awareness. There will be exercises to increase the heart rate, body weighted strength training, flexibility practice and mobility movements through pilates based exercises. 

Instructor: Melanie Buchko

I was introduced to the fitness industry at a very early age, watching my mom choreograph her fitness classes and tediously create playlists on her tape deck. I remember finally being old enough to participate in classes and thinking that I wanted to provide movement to others.  Now, I instruct my own fitness classes and I am very thankful I do not have to use a tape deck for my playlists. I have been SPRA certified in Group and Aquatic Exercise since 2012 and I have completed a current Standard First Aid and CPR course. I currently teach with Lead Pilates where I utilize my Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor certification and I also hold a certification in Balanced Body Bodhi Suspension System.  I have enjoyed teaching various classes throughout my 6 years of instruction and look forward to many more years. I believe in the importance of movement for a healthy mind and body.